The BizInnovator curriculum toolkit has eight customizable units, including unit plans, activities, assessments, web resources, video profiles of young entrepreneurs and a business plan template. Let us help you facilitate the entrepreneurial mindset in students. The BizInnovator curriculum toolkit makes it easy and affordable. The full curriculum toolkit license is just $99 a year.

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The toolkit offers flexibility and LOTS of resources. Teachers with an active BizInnovator license -- renewable annually -- may:

  • Use some or all of the resources.
  • Upload their own materials, too.
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A multi-disciplinary team of high school educators helped design and develop this curriculum. It was originally launched in 2009 by the name YouthBizCentral. In 2014, the name was changed to BizInnovator to better communicate the key role that innovation plays in entrepreneurship. The BizInnovator curriculum toolkit is refreshed regularly with teacher feedback to include the latest methodologies and fresh resources.



An evaluation of 454 high school students in 45 classrooms found that secondary students who complete the BizInnovator curriculum have increased knowledge of entrepreneurial processes and increased confidence in their ability to engage in entrepreneurship.

Student assessment results
  • 24% increase in entrepreneurial knowledge test scores
  • 8% increase in entrepreneurship self-efficacy
Teacher feedback
  • 96% rated website as easy to use